I think my teacher had a stroke while making the notes.

2022.01.29 06:42 _hugh_eric_shawn I think my teacher had a stroke while making the notes.

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2022.01.29 06:42 Same-Procedure4371 Shardrago on me Need help

8978 0167 5163
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2022.01.29 06:42 my-user-account end scene

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2022.01.29 06:42 Ol_Dad If he thinks that’s disgusting, wait until he hears about these loser 40 year olds dating 20 year olds

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2022.01.29 06:42 Evening_Wrap_9992 The Golden City of Anthar

The Golden City of Anthar

The Golden City of Anthar
Anthar is the capital of Darientol. It is populated with many races due to it being the trade center for the entire region. It has a palace and monarchy in place however it is truly ruled by the major houses and the nine thieves guilds that operate in its shadows.
Anthar is a city that dates back tens of thousands of years and has actually been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. Some of the archetricture dates back as far as history has been written and some of its outdated cultures and practices remain to this day. It is inhabited by many races but dark skinned humans make up the majority.
It’s exact origins are unclear however 10,000 years ago the city hosted a large pyramid called the Sun Palace.
The Sun Palace was home to a race of giant elves called the Anthari who waged a 1000 year war on the Yuan-ti, banished from their home in Yuantari to the desert city of Balshala. In an act of desperation the Yuan-ti made an alliance with an evil red dragon named Kaul. Kaul overthrew the Anthari and took up residence in the Sun Palace until a mysterious cataclysm rocked the pyramid.
The race of Anthari retreated east to the abandoned ancient city of Xak Yaros where they disappeared from history all together.
In the wake of this cataclysm the Sandini Tribe’s rebuilt the city making way for the Anthar of today.
This region of Kandari is very warm with temps reaching as high as 50 degrees celsius. It is an arid, dry city however it has amazing vistas due to its tropical vegetation. It is an arid and dry desert not fit for long voyages.
Royal Family of Sandini - The Royal Family consists of King Ryan Sandini (47yrs), Queen Isabelle Zal’kara-Sandini (32yrs), Princes Hildred Sandini (17yrs) and Prince Ewan Sandini (9yrs). The Sandinis' authority over Anthar has slowly dwindled over the past century, giving way to the senate. Though still posing as the ultimate authority in Anthar they serve as a figurehead in reality. They do however command their own small army The Order of the Radiant Heart also known as The Radiant Watch, led by Captain Feris Castin.
The Senate - The Senate is composed of the four Noble Houses listed below in order of influence. It is overseen by the elected ArchDuke (currently Kal Feuan). The Archduke is elected by the Noble Houses with the Royal Family casting a deciding vote in the event of a tie.
The House of Lord Gailic Zal'kara - Several marriages into the Royal Family have put this house in a position of great influence and power over the last few hundred years.
The House of Lord Grahm and Lady Brianna Del'Sung (deceased) - Before it’s Lord and Lady were assassinated this house had great influence due to its trade relations and commercial fleet. Lady Brianna was once a Yal-Tari from Tahlander (East) and her family still has a large commercial fleet operating from the port city. House Del-Sung is currently in disarray and in search of an heir.
The House of Lord Pious Sneed - Forever looked down upon and laughed at, this house has recently ascended in influence and power due to a sudden influx of funds from an unknown source.
The House of Lord Edard Graceson - This house has always had a soft spot for the people. It is the oldest house but due to its modest intentions its influence and power has dwindled over the years. Edward Graceson served as a General for the Order of the Radiant Heart for years.
The Royal Island, home to the ArchDuke Kal Feuan and the Royal Family. The Royal Island (also known as dragon born island) is open to the public during the day but the two bridges are closed at night. There is also a ferry to the north that runs throughout the day.
In addition to the Royal Island we have the School of High Sorcery filled with all things magic, the Arena which is home to the fights and betting establishments, Anthars School of Higher Learning which is often riddled with Tabaxi and scholars from abroad plus the Naval Academy to the north which has a moderate fleet made up of very inexperienced sailors. These sailors are however very good for the local inns and taverns.
The 9 Thieves Guilds:
It could be argued that this is the real authority in Anthar. They are divided into nine guilds and many guilds are constantly at odds with each other. There are many alliances between guilds that have strong roots but the scope of this can change daily. The one thing the guilds have in common is the worship of Khord, the god of thieves and luck.
Below is a brief description of the guilds in no particular order.
Weasel Tooth Gang - The newest and smallest guild. It is led by the bard Khordren Sorvana and his trusted advisor Bastien. Bastien is a graying human monk, who acts as treasurer and also sends messages via carrier pigeon on behalf of the guild. This guild is based out of the Crossfield Monastery in Oldtown. The monastery is a temple of Khord.
The Loose Tooth Gang - This is a gang of muscle bound enforcers who specialize in debt collection. A very violent collection of souls. They are located in the southern part of Anthar and call The Loose Tooth Inn, home. This Inn exists solely for their headquarters and acts as a front for their other interests. Patrons are friends and allies of the Loose Tooth Gang. It is led by Doc Stonegut, an intelligent and massive man with a large scar across his face and chest from an owl bear attack. Doc and Deitric have strong ties from their pasts.
The Greasy Bastards - This guild is the nemesis of the Weasel Tooth Gang. It's leader Cyrus Leech and Deitric had a falling out years before either had a guild and the two remain at odds to this day. Best not be caught in their territory which is just west of Oldtown. It consists mostly of sellswords and pickpockets.
The Golden Sheppard Guild - This guild is based out of the arena, its prime directive is to get slaves for use in the arena. It has strong ties to the wealthier houses of Anthar. They have a sizable militia on hand led by Delvin Sly stationed out of the Arena.
The Sea Dogs Guild - This guild is basically a guild of smugglers who organize and control all illegal transportation in and out of West Port by sea and other secret avenues. Not the most educated bunch, this guild likes to pose as pirates but mostly stay ashore or do shallow water crossings. In the past their numbers have been decimated by real pirates who take offense from their boudy claims.
The Whispering Society - Propaganda is the deadliest weapon and this guild uses it in spades. They have collapsed entire governments with their rumors and puppeteering in the past. Even the King himself is aware and frightened of this guild. Only the Society itself knows its members and numbers. It is assumed they are controlled by someone in the Senate.
The Arcane Right - A Guild of Arcane Tricksters who dabble in the black market trade of exotic magic items. Not much else is known about this guild except they are all magic users and they are based out of the School of High Sorcery.
The Hand of Vengeance - This is more of a rumor than a guild. Supposedly a guild of the highest level assassins. Stories of the heart of vengeance keep young princes and princesses awake at night. Legend has it that the hand even executed an adult dragon once. A contract on your life from this guild is the kiss of death.
The Five Four Fingers - This guild has only five members and specializes in elaborate cons. Membership often changes as they often target other guilds and suffer casualties in response. Their leader Tyrus Black is a circus ring leader.
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2022.01.29 06:42 uksoxfan Ich komme auf dich zurück

Is this a good way of saying "I'll come back to you"?
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2022.01.29 06:42 Yakama85 Auto hosting sword shiny den 134. Come join us at Azar Kingdom

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2022.01.29 06:42 HauptsacheGeil_ JU from r/unpoplaropinion didnt know this was r/inspirationalmessages

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2022.01.29 06:42 TTV_RipRaku HELP. My friends are mad at me for commenting on the post of someone they dislike.

So basically me and my friends of ELEVEN years have this group chat where in we just talk and chat from time to time, to plan hangouts- explain, vent and just chill in general. The other day I commented on a post of Nicole (let’s call her that), which they really dislike but I never got to know her and all I ever hear are stories of how she has such a high body count in our school and how bitchy she was to people. Yesterday, I was on TikTok, I see her post. For some reason I decided to comment on it as well along with all the other posts I commented on and I tell you- all I said in the comment was “Ono” (It’s a Martincitopants reference) which I commented on a lot of other posts since I was just scrolling thru and found her account. One of our friends (which is a girl) found out and sent it to the group chat us four were in, it was Me, Gerald, James and Clara (not their real names). Clara asked me, “what is this? Explain yourself” and I replied “Just a random comment” but then James buts in and says “probably just trying to advertise your channel, damn dude- why stoop so low?.. - respect, you got no backbone”. Trying to be reasonable I asked what was wrong with what I did and James replied, “do you know who she is?” And of course I replied with yes I know who Nicole is, “but do you know what she did?” And I was like yes! I know what she did. I tried telling him that I said that on multiple posts and it doesn’t mean anything, but he kept saying “Yeah, but it’s still her bro. Think about it” (to be completely honest I don’t really hate ppl until I genuinely get to know them and so I couldn’t really hate her if I never even met her personally). So I started getting mad that he was telling me off for literally one word consisting three letters and I asked him why he was being sensitive and a snowflake and eventually we got into a whole ass argument until it finally died down and I was doing stuff until I suddenly got a notification from my phone and looked at it only to see that it was from Gerald in the group chat and he replied to my message of calling James sensitive saying, “He kinda isn’t, cuz ur looking like a weirdo in that comment. Nahhh bro bye” and he left. After that, I got a lil sad but just accepted it since me and Gerald HAVE fought before, we shouted at each other and he did mention something about being embarrassed around me (since I’m kinda “THAT” guy in our group ever since we were little) I don’t wanna sound like I’m defending myself but I’m just genuinely awkward and only ever made friends online, Gerald and I DID end up becoming friends again after that fight and in my opinion I DID my absolute best to try and not be weird. Sometimes even resorting to just being quiet instead of speaking as we hung out and played Valorant together for a while (which made me a bit uncomfortable) since I was new to the game and just switched over from PS4 Apex Legends to PC so I can play Valo and he HAS hinted to being embarrassed of me whenever I opened my mic to talk to the randoms and say some sus shit as a joke. But, to be honest- Gerald, James and Clara were my only REAL friends in real life and I just lost one of them.. I’m not sure how to feel about it now but to be honest, I’m not sure if I should even try to be his friend anymore. Please help.
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2022.01.29 06:42 cooldude9823 Anyone have a good collection on madfut 21 I can give coins I need a lot of good cards

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2022.01.29 06:42 Haikiro221 Please fix bot teammates

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2022.01.29 06:42 SickDem0 Investing in ASA's

Nexus asked a content creator to talk about some key points when investing in ASA's.
We want you all to be safe and will always try to make you aware of any scams/rugs that we hear about.
Give it a watch!
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2022.01.29 06:42 slushPuppy69 'Repeatable' SBCs

Anyone else having problems with the 'Repeatable' SBCs on the mobile app? When I complete them it does not allow me to re do it.
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2022.01.29 06:42 mylinux2 Samsung SL M2070/M2071 Printer Ubuntu 21.10 Installation - Step-by-step

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2022.01.29 06:42 myuser01 Didn't that used to be a smart bin?

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2022.01.29 06:42 zineb_arts I drew these eyes 👀 ✨ which one is your favorite ? 🧡❤️🤍

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2022.01.29 06:42 JKKM2445 Only trading through Pokemon HOME- GMAX mons

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2022.01.29 06:42 vada_pongal [USA-MO] [H] iPhone SE (2020) Unlocked 64GB Black | Mint - Like New [W] Cash, PayPal

iPhone SE (2020) Unlocked 64GB Black
Condition: Mint - Brand New like. No scratches, no dents.
Warranty: Yes. Battery Health: 98%
Accessories: Original unused charging cable, Original unused EarPods. It didn't come with a wall adapter. I can add one if needed.
Repairs: None
Asking $220 local - 63043 or $230 with free shipping to CONUS.
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2022.01.29 06:42 MattRuizPhoto time to time i regret not finishing this video

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2022.01.29 06:42 ThakkiTiki Need some advice about getting fitted for the first time.

I'm from India, 10ish handicapper, and have been playing the same stock irons for about 8 years now (Cobra Biocell, R flex). I purchased these at a time I bought clubs based on aesthetics rather than requirement. I am significantly more invested and knowledgeable in the game of golf now.
I am planning to upgrade irons, and will likely get either the Cobra forged tec or the king tour, based on a demo and fitting.
India does not have the choices in custom club fitting as you'd find in the US or Europe, and I have been recommended to buy the irons that I decide on, and the fitting adjustments will be made by the fitter at my local club (shaft change, lie, loft, length, etc). The fitter is pga certified, and I have no doubts about the quality of service. I don't mind spending more money for a full fit but there is simply no option of heads and shafts being available at the fitter for building according to my spec.
I'd like to get your opinion about whether it's advisable and kind of normal to get fitted by buying a stock set, then pay on top to potentially even change shafts for length apart from loft and lie adjustments aftermarket? Any red flags on this option? I'm not looking for a full fitting, and I know cobra as OEM offers these adjustments on a custom set online, the issue for me is just the travel uncertainty so I can't really head over to the US on a whim.
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2022.01.29 06:42 Material_Weather7529 I bought CP3 to test him out

I bought CP3 and played a unlimited to try him out got bullied all game but the icing on the cake is when I got switched onto kristaps. Bruh I was as close as possible with hands up and kristaps shot over his peanut head and greened. The shot said “open” I laughed my ass off and quit and sold him immediately 😂😂😂
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2022.01.29 06:42 Ultraparalon Titanfall (extra colored edition)

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